Finance & Banking

Implementing fintech solutions for enhanced customer experience, operational efficiency, and compliance.

Retail & E-commerce

Integrating digital retail solutions to optimize the supply chain, personalize shopping experiences, and expand market reach.


Leveraging IoT, AI, and robotics to revolutionize manufacturing processes and supply chain management.

Energy & Utilities

Digitizing operations to improve energy efficiency, resource management, and customer engagement.

Transportation & Logistics

Enhancing logistics with AI, automation, and analytics to optimize routing, reduce costs, and improve delivery times.

Real Estate & Construction

Integrating smart building technologies and project management tools to innovate construction and property management.

Our clients keep saying some
super nice stuff.

"We have been working with Incodeks for the last 3 years. It was a great decision to work with them and we are very pleased with the results so far. The team is professional, easy to work with and flexible. They have done an excellent job in building our platform from scratch and we are very happy with it."

Ravi Kurani, MySutro

"Incodeks is a pleasure to work with. From beginning to end they go above and beyond to see your vision through and make important and priceless contributions to your project. They suggest things you may have never thought about and show you how certain features will allow you to scale and grow naturally over time. The team will not stop until the project is completed to your 100% satisfaction. We value Incodeks as a crucial extension of our company and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great development team who will put you first!"

Steven Stanimirovic, VQ Fluux

"Working with Incodeks has been everything House Rewards needed when we were looking for a partner to build out our platform. The team at Incodeks is incredibly talented, hard-working, and very responsive at all times. Highly recommend it! Faster turnaround times, faster user experience."

Zack Arenson, House Rewards

What you get working with us:

Project management

At Incodeks our environment is more Agile oriented than ever. Those seeking to deliver more value and fast prototype, we have the ability and professionalism for that. We have a team of Project Managers and engineers that will guide you through the entire process for building your product. We will carry out our knowledge transfer process to hand over the reins to your dedicated team.

Quality assurance

We deliver QA services for our client and we want to make sure that we deliver quality to them, also help evaluate the product’s compliance with the original requirements and give you valuable insights into end user impressions of the product. Incodeks thinks about your users and exactly how they'll interact with your application.

Support and maintenance

Beside the development process that we do, we care about the life of products. You can rely on us to help you scale as your grow you user base. The reality on now days is that software projects have infinite life, they grow day by day. New operating systems come out, and platforms grow. Even the best of the best software products require ongoing attention, monitoring, evolution, and improvements. We offer support for all of our projects post-launch.