Incodeks mentors the “Coding Day” event hosted by Universum College


On March 22nd, Incodeks once again proved its commitment to the Tech Industry by offering young Computer Science students the opportunity to practice their coding skills under the mentorship of our professionals.

Modern educational institutions, especially higher education, preach practical teaching and learning, which involves a wide and diverse range of activities that meet student interests. The main purpose of these activities is complementing the academic curriculum as well as enhancing students’ skills by simulating real life situations that are most likely to appear throughout their career.

Following a few years of devoted collaboration, Incodeks contributed to the event by bringing internal IT and Software Engineering professionals who served as mentors to the young students. “Coding Day” was followed by a presentation to the industry, and proceeded with coding challenges to be completed by young students under the guidance of Incodeks’ professionals.

To further support the involvement of young students and graduates into the labour market, Incodeks brought representatives from the Human Resources department to target driven potential candidates to conduct professional internships in the company. Being an intern is a valuable way to gain real-world experience outside of the classroom and have material to add to your resume. Incodeks representatives value the latter as guidance to one’s personal career goals and an opportunity to learn about the expectations of employment in the respective field.

As a result, “Coding Day” wrapped up on a high satisfaction level by both parties; the hosting university, and the mentoring company- Incodeks. Foremost, witnessing young students exhibit the skills and dedication required of a future professional has been an enlightening experience. Our youth is considered as the greatest asset, and as such it is with great desire to invest time and effort into their development and well-being. Incodeks remains open and willing to engage in similar events and activities that fuel youth engagement and development, specifically in the ICT sector.

About Incodeks

Located in Ferizaj, Prishtina and San Francisco, Incodeks is a software engineering company specialising in the development and maintenance of mobile and web applications, Artificial Intelligence (Chat & Voice bots) and other dedicated services. Given that we guide our clients through the entire process and life-cycle, Incodeks uses the Agile methodology which enables us to increase efficiency in project management and deliver desirable results within an estimated timeframe. Some of the various technologies we use include: Python, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Laravel, React Native, REACTJS, Bootstrap, etc. Besides artificial intelligence, we deeply honour the value in emotional and human intelligence presented by our dedicated teammates. Cultivating a healthy, joyful working environment fuels our mission towards establishing a successful, long-lasting partnership with one another. Join a collaborative and supportive team that continuously learns and grows together towards a common goal- creating a better, progressive future for everyone.